Dental Implants FAQs

Replace Missing Teeth in Brooklyn NY

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Dental implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth. At Downtown Dental, we are pleased to offer dental implant surgery and restorations to our patients backed by years of experience and additional training. It is natural to have questions about this innovative restoration option. We hope the information below addresses your concerns.

What is the Best Option to Replace Missing Teeth?

It depends on the individual patient, their aesthetic and comfort goals, and other considerations. However, dental implants are the most popular choice for patients missing all or most of their teeth. They closely mimic natural teeth’s look, feel, and strength and do not require extra care, unlike dentures and bridges.

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

The titanium implants placed in the jawbone permanently fuse with the surrounding bone, becoming an integral part of the jaw that can last a lifetime. The visible portion of the restoration, typically a crown or dental prosthetic, can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years with proper care.

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How Are Dental Implants Done?

There are several steps in the dental implant process. At an initial consultation with Dr. Shah or Dr. Moses, you will discuss your goals and undergo a complete dental exam, including x-rays. From there, a treatment plan will be created. Most patients undergo one surgical procedure before the final restorations are attached to the implants.

During the first surgery, titanium implants (similar to screws) are surgically placed in the jawbone and covered with gum tissue. For the next few months, the implants fuse with the surrounding jawbone, a process called osseointegration. This provides a stable base for restorations and absorbs bite force when chewing.

While the gums heal, we have your dental crowns or prosthetics crafted to fit precisely over your implants. After a sufficient recovery time, the tops of the implants are uncovered, and a healing collar is attached. The healing collar is removed, and abutments (small metal pins) are used to connect the dental implants to the permanent restorations.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take to Heal?

It can take six to eight months to go from the first surgery to the placement of the permanent replacement teeth. During this time, the implants slowly fuse with the jawbone, becoming an integral part of your facial structure. However, pain and swelling last just a few weeks following the initial surgery, and most patients have no problems going about their daily lives during the healing phase.

Can You Eat Normal Foods with Dental Implants?

After implant surgery, a soft diet is needed for the first two weeks to allow time for osseointegration and healing. As the incisions heal, you can begin to add firmer foods.

Once the implants are fully healed, and the permanent restorations are in place, you can eat anything you like. There are no restrictions, so you can eat nuts, crunchy foods, chewy candies, and any other foods you enjoy.

How Do You Brush Dental Implants?

Brush your implants the same way you brush your natural teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to protect the restorations and prevent gum irritation. Brush every surface of the artificial teeth, focusing on brushing along the gum line where plaque is likely to flourish. We recommend having your implants cleaned professionally at our office twice a year.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

It depends. If implants are medically necessary, your dental or medical insurance may pay for all or part of the procedure. Most policies will pay for the restorations but may not cover the titanium implants. Please get in touch with your insurance carrier to determine how much, if any, of the costs are covered.

What are Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Other tooth replacement options are available if dental implants are not for you. Dentures and dental bridges are popular for patients who are not interested in invasive surgery or are not good candidates for the procedure.

Dental implants are the most popular solution for missing teeth. If you are interested in learning more about how our dental implant specialists can restore your smile and ability to eat all the foods you love, contact our office at Downtown Dental Office Phone Number 718-576-3730 to schedule a consultation.