Gum Laser Therapy Brooklyn

Minimially Invasive Treatment for Gum Disease

| no injections | anesthesia without needles |
no pain | no jarring noises | no discomfort | no soreness | no anxiety

Imagine an appointment in which everything you hate about periodontal visits is eliminated. Unlike the traditional drill and scalpel, laser therapy is engineered to work through computer technology, so lasers do the work, without needles! Procedure time is dramatically reduced, as well as the level of pain and anxiety that can often accompany dental treatments.

When soft tissue laser therapy is used, patients experience anesthetic application without needles, no pain, no jarring noises, no discomfort, no soreness and no anxiety. And to top it all off, laser therapy promotes healing as compared to conventional treatments of therapy that do not.

Consistent with our mission to keep treatment simple, comfortable, and cutting-edge while delivering the highest level of care at Downtown Dental Brooklyn, we are proud to introduce Laser Gum Therapy, a fast, painless, and precise alternative to the traditional drill and scalpel.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser gum therapy has been widely used for many years because it requires minimal cutting and stitching of gums. An alternative to traditional methods, this treatment allows for:

  • Less post-operative pain
  • A quicker recovery
  • Less damage to the gums
  • Natural regeneration and healing of gum tissues
  • Esthetic trimming of the gum for the smile line
  • Treatment of Canker sores

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is Laser Gum Therapy Needed?

Gum disease, the process in which the tissue surrounding the teeth pulls away from the tooth is very common, affecting approximately half of Americans over the age of 30. It’s a gradual, often unnoticed process that can result from poor oral hygiene and, genetics, or aggressive brushing. Gingival (gum) tissue is the coral pink, thick, and dense tissue that forms a tight seal around the teeth, protecting them from bacteria and eating/brushing-induced trauma. Mucous is the red and thin tissue found directly below the gingiva.

The biggest concern with receding gums is the risk of decay, infection, and loss that occurs when the roots of the teeth become exposed. If gum recession, gingivitis, gum disease, or even canker sores are detected at an early stage, a minor laser treatment can stop or reverse the process of the deterioration of your gums.

How does Laser Gum Therapy work?

Laser Gum Therapy is a two-step procedure that involves removing tartar and sealing the gum pocket. First, Dr. Shah applies liquid anesthetic without an injection in the gum areas for maximum comfort. After manually cleaning, she then inserts a tiny laser fiber between the tooth and the gums to clear away the infected tissue causing the gum disease. Typically, we treat one half of the mouth at the first appointment and the other half at a second.

How long does Laser Gum Therapy take?

Depending on the severity of your case, this procedure may require multiple visits, but two appointments are most common. When we discuss your treatment plan with you, we will also review the treatment time.

What should I expect post-op?

Since laser therapy involves no incisions, recovery time is minimal. Post treatment discomfort is usually not incurred. If there is any soreness, common over the counter medications will control that.

Dr. Shah and our staff will review with you all aftercare instructions following the procedure, including what to eat, how to clean, and what to expect as you heal.

How much does Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy cost?

Your individual cost will depend on several variables, but most insurance carriers cover periodontal disease treatments. We are happy to discuss your coverage plan and financial arrangement options with you.

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