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Dental bonding is a technique in which resin, a composite material, is bonded to your tooth, repairing chips or cracks, hiding discoloration, or reducing a gap, ultimately resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing, brighter smile.

Drs. Shah and Moses strive to use a conservative method to enhance smiles whenever possible, and dental bonding is an excellent choice for fixing minor aesthetic problems without damaging the natural tooth. When dental bonding is performed, the naturally-colored resin is mechanically and chemically bonded to the existing teeth, creating a straighter and whiter smile. Dr. Shah and Dr. Moses steady, experienced hands and extensive training help them to create absolutely stunning results with dental bonding.

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The Process – How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Bonding is performed in our office and requires no anesthesia. Drs. Shah or Moses will begin by cleaning the tooth and prepping it by using a mild solution that facilitates the bonding of the composite resin to the tooth. Once several coats are then applied and each has set under our special ultraviolet light. Finally, Drs. Shah or Moses sculpts the tooth into the desired shape and texture.

Benefits of Dental Bonding:

  • Quick process – usually less than an hour
  • Doesn’t reduce the tooth’s original structure
  • Affordable
  • Available in many different shades

Dental Bonding Care

Care for a bonded tooth is the same as that of the rest of your teeth: brushing twice and flossing once daily. Bonded teeth tend to stain more easily, so proper care is especially important for those who smoke tobacco or drink coffee or tea. To ensure that the bonding is long lasting, proper care is essential.

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Dental Bonding Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars based on 1 Bonding and Dental Bonding reviews.

Patient Review By Bradley P

I originally came in to fix my broken front tooth after an accident. Dr. Patton didn’t try to sell expensive treatment but bonded my tooth the same day and with a minimally invasive procedure. I was surprised it could be fixed that easily. Ever since then I’ve been a loyal patient and not planning on going elsewhere for my dental treatment. Highly recommend!

- Bradley P

5 out of 5 stars on